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The investment objective for the Sumner Equity Income Portfolio is to achieve long term growth by investing primarily in domestic equities. We are value oriented in our security selection however we also own growth companies when we believe we can purchase them at a reasonable price. We believe that dividend income can be an important component of investment returns and as a result we tend to purchase companies which provide reasonable and potentially growing dividends. As a result of this approach our portfolios tend to be less volatile than the overall market.


The investment strategy we use for the Sumner Equity Income Portfolio is to primarily focus on companies or industries that are overlooked or out of favor. We are value driven in selecting companies to purchase. As a result, we look to find companies selling at attractive valuationsÍž including price to earnings, price to sales, book value etc. We are also interested in purchasing companies whose growth rate is not properly reflected in their valuation. Our process is driven by fundamental research, a review of financial statements, industry position and growth prospects.